Best dessert ever.

For crying out loud I am good and ready for winter to be over already!!!!!

Jeezus louiezus all I want is one gorgeous balmy day in the 70's. I really need to go to Key West like STAT.

But since my job pays me peanuts and goodwill I have to find pockets of joy elsewhere.

And today I found that in a fancy boullion cup in which the Sproose Goose had put a scoop of french vanilla ice cream, a generous dollop of chocolate sauce, and served with a side of hot espresso - which I promptly poured over the ice cream and sauce.

Yep, affogato.

My most favorite dessert in the world after candied violets.

I should probably explain that since my b-day is tomorrow, we had a little party for your truly at Sunday lunch today.

Mom made a gorgeous roast chicken with potatoes roasted with bacon and Gruyere, carrots braised with sweet onions, and a green salad. And she broke out the fancy white wine from the Jura - where her mother was from originally.

(My mother is hands down the most marvelous cook I know. A home cooked meal from her is like a beam of sunlight on a dreary day - all rainbows and happiness. Seriously, it is the only reason my sister and I are so nice to her. We are afraid of starving.)

The Evil Twin and her Trapper Keeper came bearing sticks of my favorite bread from the Butcher Shop.

And Sproose Goose brought the affogato fixin's. Along with his fancy boullion cups and even fancier cookies imported from Poiliane - decorated in pink and adorned with crystallized violets.


Sometimes I think that the best thing in the world is to be loved by people who love food.


BFW (Tammy) said…
Happy belated b-day!!!

Candied violets... Mmmm....

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