Totally worth every point, and more.

The Evil Twin and Kimmmmmmmmmayyyyy took me out for dinner at the Ashmont Grill last night.

It's my b-day weekend and I had no qualms about eating my way through it!

We had trainwreck fries which are like crack on a plate for me. I think that I accidentally bit someone. If I did, my apologies.

And the mussels. As soon as I found out there was bacon in the sauce I nearly face-planted into the dish. Me and bacon have a long and somewhat tortuous relationship. I love it so much, yet I am sure that it is trying to kill me with it's delicious cholesterolness.....

Then I got the short ribs. It was a shade embarrassing how quickly I managed to suck those bones dry. The meat just fell off the bone beautifully and the sauce was delicious.

For dessert I had the sticky toffee pudding. Which was good but not what I wanted.

What I wanted was more trainwreck fries.

Gah! I just had a massive lunch and TWO helpings of affogato, and yet the thought of trainwreck fries is making my mouth water. And my heart cramp. This is pathetic really.



tammy said…
Happy Birthday!! So glad everyone is smothering you with deliciousness, as it should be.
Annabelle B. said…
Hey thank you! Hopefully I will be smothered with a ham shortly!

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