The Great Easter Ham Hunt - Part 3

I love the folks at Stillmans Farm. They consistently remind me that eating factory food is a choice.

Today I was supposed to meet up with Aidan and get my ham. I am sure they are super busy all the time, and more so now with the holiday coming up.

So we were trying to connect and I said "oh so uh, where are you?" because I was supposed to meet him in Jamaica Plain.

And he says "Uh I'm heading towards Lunenburg." Which is great for me because my Dadday works out in Fitchburg.

So I say "Hey, um, do you know Fitchburg?" To which he laughs and tells me that's where he grew up.

Small world!

So instead of us trying to connect in Jamaica Plain, he dropped the ham off to my Dad.

Hopefully Dad doesn't eat it before Sunday. I believe that ham calls out to him from the fridge like it does to me. I should probably tell him it is a "fresh" ham, ie: a RAW ham.

No slivering pieces off the bone before Sunday Dad!


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