Restaurant Week - Sandrines

I've heard lots about this place, but for the most part I am allergic to fine dining in Cambridge, so it's never occurred to me to go.

There is a certain Cambridge crowd that makes me bonkers and typically I only run into them at fancy wood furniture shops and at fancy food restaurants.

But I wanted to go out for Restaurant Week and Sandrines was on the group list. So we went.

And it was delicious!

Three of us started with the pate companion (sic - I think. I've never heard of pate "companion" but that's what they wrote on the menu) and one of us had the escargot. Which was exactly perfect.

Then I had the choucroute, which were basically fancy hotdogs served on a plate of sauerkraut which made me laugh and Tammy at Food on the Food will know why.

I should also make special mention of both Winnie our lovely hostess, who is both gracious and an avid foodie. Also our waiter Sherman was wonderful. I wanted to take him with us at the end of the meal. He didn't push us to order off the regular menu, and he didn't make us feel completely impoverished for coming only during restaurant week.

If you go during the week, make sure you ask for a seat in Sherman's section.

For dessert I had the praline souffle. Good but eh. The really delicious dessert was the gingerbread bread pudding with lemon sorbet.

Holy gasp-alicious.

It was a gift from Sherman for being not a table of a**holes like the group in another part of his section. Apparently they were pretty horrible. Which always blows my mind.

Food is like an upper for me. All I need is for someone to shove an amuse-bouche in my pie hole and I am instantly in a better mood.

Like right now. I am blogging through my lunch break and I am hoping that someone around here has a Thin Mint for after lunch because I just realized that I didn't bring an afternoon sweet.



tammy said…
Is it because fancy hot dogs look like you-know-whats? (girlish giggles)
Annabelle B. said…

That is TOTALLY what I was thinking!!

Ahh hahahahaha!

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