Why won't God take me?

That was a line used by Liz Lemon when she realized simultaneously that she was a "cougar" and that Jack, her boss, was there for the unhappy revelation.

I find now that I often use that phrase. It seems so appropriate so often!

Like today when I got home, after an afternoon in the dentist's chair, there was a letter waiting for me from my doctor to inform me that I have really, really high cholesterol.

And oddly a vitamin D deficiency.

To someone who loves cheese, and chocolate, and steak, and french fries, and ham, and ice cream, the thought that I have to go without makes me shudder.

How can I cure a hangover without a cheeseburger and fries? How can I drink Dunkins if it isn't light with twequel? What is going to go under the chocolate sauce and whipped cream instead of ice cream?

Like I said, "why won't God take me?"

And if you tell me that I can learn to like coffee without cream, or use fro-yo instead of ice cream, or to stop drinking and therefore eliminate hangovers, I will kill you. Kill. Ok?


tammy said…
I'll have a chat with God and see if he can move you to the top of the list. God and I are like THIS.

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