The Great Easter Ham Hunt - Part 2

I found a fresh, non-factory, ham from Stillman's Farm.

Yay Kate & Aidan! Yay tasty piggies!

Now how to cook it.

I am thinking to rub it all over with a green herb paste and roast it, but let me know if you have a tried and trusted recipe that you can share.

I got all excited because I was talking to my behind-me-neighbor who is originally from Alabama and who often cooks a fresh ham for the holidays. Her ham is delicious, and knowing her, the marinade probably has green herrrrrb of the wink-wink-nudge-nudge kind in it. She has a cranky hip and has been known to smoke a little.

But she won't tell me how she really makes it, damn it.

According to her you "just cook it. I don't know, it just goes in the oven and take it out when it's done."

Ahhhh old timers, so smug in their ability to cook a fresh ham! Well, next time she is too stoned to park her own car she better not come crying to me!


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