Comfort food

So this week has been a doozy. Sort of.

On Monday I had a growth removed from my lady parts. Friday I found out that it wasn't a baby. Phew! Nor was it cancer. WHOO HOOOO!!!!!! Is all I can say.

But then I got the fade from a boy I liked. *sigh*

The universe giveth, and taketh I guess huh.

And work was bleh. I love my job, but it pays peanuts. And there's this difficult co-worker, who is a good person, but who loves to create lots of useless busy-work and drama. It can suck the life out of a person really.

There was some other stuff too. Oh yeah, PMS hit me too this week. I am actually surprised that I didn't kill someone. Huh, how about that.

After that kind of a week, I would be stuffing my face right now with ice cream and brownies and vodka. Instead I went and had a facial by Marianne.

Let me just tell you that I FREAKIN' LOVE MARIANNE.

And when I am rich I am not going to wash my face anymore. I am going to go get a facial every morning when I wake up. So there.

She has her own little space at the Coolidge Corner Arcade and it's a one woman show. Go. You will not be disappointed.

Then I went and bought the bare minerals make up. I have sh*tty skin. If I eat nothing but chocolate and potato chips I break out. If I eat nothing but fresh fruit and veg I break out. If I read Teen Beat I break out.

So I never really wore make up, and when I did it was to squirt a little foundation into the palms of my hands, rub my hands together, and then smear it all over my face in a uselessly haphazard way. Yeah, I never quite finished Girl School.

But you can't really f*ck up bare minerals.

Now I am home again, trying not to think about the boy and trying not to make a batch of Moet's Famous Chocolate Chip F*cking Delicious Brownies.

Because I will eat the entire pan. Like the last time I had this kind of raging PMS.

However I want something comforting on this crappy gray evening. I have some small potatoes I am going to roast with garlic, washed down with a great big can of beer and some good old Jane Austen on the boob toob to keep me company.

What food makes you happy?


Mary said…
Any food I can slather with butter makes me happy. Email me your address and I'll send you some cupcakes. Those can be comforting (let me know what kind you like).
And now that I can drive I can take them to the post office myself. wooo!
Unknown said…
Heyyy how the hell did I miss this comment!!!

Yeah cupcakes whoo hoo!!!

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