I don't what it is, I just want something.

So Bob the Chef's closed and everyone was in a tizzy because a Dutch fellow was going to come along and reopen the space as a burger joint.

Welllllllllll, not so fast.

Now there is a sign up that says it's going to be tapas.

Hmm. Hopefully not like over at Toro.

But actually I don't care what it is. I just want a food and drink place within stumbling distance.

NOT Papa Johns, Subway, Good Eats, or Slades.


Can you tell that I am hungry?

I have the Hungry Horrors. I am going to Doyles tonight with Miss. Ennairda and I am going to stuff myself stupid with all sorts of cholesterol-elevating, diet-busting, endorphin inducing, fried foods I can get my grubby little mitts on.

So there.


Mary said…
Bacon wrapped dates tapas is pretty good. Especially with a lot of Sangria.

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