Cake and Hammer Time

Yep, I totally was listening to MC Hammer this weekend. Yeah, so?

But I also made CAAAAAAKE!

It was for my friend Rochelley's birthday. For my birthday she sent me a gigantic pot of chocolate-covered strawberries and so for her birthday I wanted to make her fat too... er I mean bake her something delicious!

Here you go:

First I made a chocolate cake from scratch. The recipe is from the Whimsical Bakehouse, a fabulous cake book and so far I've had amazing luck with each recipe I've tried. The recipe made a 9" and an 8" cake - one for the party and one for Mother's Day.

Please note the coffee in the background. Flavored with Baileys natch!

Then I made buttercream from scratch. The kind with the boiling sugar syrup and the little bits of butter cut in and whipped for ages and ages. All the while threatening to blow the crap out of my KitchenAid. Which, hallelujah!, did not happen.

Then it was frost.

And decorate.

And give it to the birthday girl!
A couple of notes:
The recipe I used produces a cake that is moist in the way that box mixes are, but the taste is way better. It was light AND moist and paired beautifully with the light and airy buttercream. Truly it was a delicious cake and I am my own harshest critic.
Also, I really need a support team to mix frostings for me and set up my decorating bags. Seriously, I would be the worst cake decorating divas ever if given an inch.
Thirdly the best ever way to work up an appetite for cake is merengue. Especially when you are white from way back and there are a dozen fabulous Latinas trying to get you to move your hips in biologically impossible ways. I am all herky-jerky with absolutely zero swivel, but I didn't care because I was working my way to cake!


tammy said…
That is a beautiful cake!! Well done.

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