Pancakes Take Two, Part Two

Oh my holy fricking moly, my guess-ecipe worked!

I took the batter out of the fridge this morning and thinned it out a little bit, with maybe about a quarter cup of water.

In my kitchen I use either the wok, a cast iron pan, or a non-stick pan I got at Williams-Sopricey for $10. Mmm, guess which one I use for pancakes..... For the first pancake I melt a thin slice of butter, and then maybe re-butter every other pancake or so, maybe less. Get the pan nice and hot, and pour in about half a cup or so (less if anything) of batter.

Let me explain this part. I hold the pan with one hand, and then pour in the batter with the other. As I pour, I twist and tilt the pan so that the batter evenly coats the pans in a thin layer. Believe me, this is something you learn with practice. Half the time the batter coats beautifully and evenly, the other half of the time there is a small pancake in the center of the pan from which loads of batter tentacles extend. Not pretty, but still edible.

So as you can see the edges cook first. Don't flip until the pancake goes from this:
To this:
Completely cook and then flip.

One side will be golden:
And the other side will be dotted with golden bits. Two sides of deliciousness:
Stack on a plate. You can try to not pick the crispy bits from the edges, but why suffer? Just eat them. They are delicious!

You can roll up your pancakes with anything you want - Nutella, strawberry jam, peanut butter & fluff. Almost always I roll mine up with lemon juice and sugar. And always regular sugar, not confectioners sugar. This time I had a Meyer lemon, which I used. A side note about Meyer lemon - either I had a bad one (possible) or I don't like them (culinary heresy). Something didn't smell right to me. Maybe I am just used to the hyper-acidity of a plain old lemon. Oh well. It didn't taste bad, I just won't use it again. Unless someone tells me it was a bad one.

I also rolled up a few with the rhuuuuuuuuuuuubarb compote from yesterday. Which just sort of turned into me eating it out of the jar, skipping the pancake altogether.
Behold! The wreckage! The carnage!

Oh and a random side note - I made the batter with out this:
I realize now that the reason the pancakes didn't taste exactly right is because I forgot the orange flower water. Meme used to add a bit to her batter and that is exactly what I was missing from mine. Eh. Next time!


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