Steaming it up in the kitchen.

During one of my random internet strolls I came across the Steamy Kitchen website and lately I have been HOOKED!

The recipes are for the most part pretty easy, well, the stuff I am interested in cooking anyway. Basically I just want to learn a pretty easy stir fry and Jaden explains stuff in a way that my brain comprehends.

Furthermore I knew I had stumbled upon the right site when I read her recipe for fried rice. Turns out we both had the same miserable experience when we made it the first time on our own.

Growing up we had a woman who cleaned our house once a week. Her name was (still is) Thu and she and her family had left Vietnam involuntarily. Basically from what I can remember La Maman had a friend who had hired Thu and then promptly called all her friends and told them to hire her too.

I thought (still think) that Thu was pretty amazing. Not only did she clean our house, but then she would leave us a giant pot of fried rice on the stove for dinner. I was totally addicted to this rice. I would douse it liberally with Maggi and then pick my way through the rice, eating the veg first, and then egg and finally the rice. It was, in my mind, a very special treat that only tasted right when Thu made it.

Because the first time I made it, let me tell you, it tasted like sh*t. I had no clue about making a dish that you had to layer. I just bunged rice, veg, and egg all together in a pot and cooked it. Then promptly threw it out because it tasted disgusting.

Until I came across the Steamy Kitchen recipe, I had vowed to never make that again.

But now I have a very nice wok and for tonight/tomorrow lunch I made fried rice with chunks of sauteed tofu, garlic, broccoli, scallions, corn, and egg, using the techniques described in the Steamy Kitchen recipe rather that just bunging it all together in a pan. And it totally came out like it was supposed to! Frickin' delicious!

Yeah, I love my new wok.


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