Freezing Food

You know what I love? I love lots of things, but I especially love blueberry pancakes on a snow day.

And you know what else? The snow is coming. Maybe not today, probably not tomorrow, but there will be snow before blueberries are back in season!

Which means that all summer long I've been stockpiling a store of frozen blueberries, frozen at the height of the season. I have about 6 cups worth and had been storing them in regular ziploc bags until I noticed that they were getting covered in ice crystals.

That's not a good sign.

So in order to protect my precious supply of blueberries I decided to invest in a vacuum sealing system. Which are startlingly expensive in some cases. Yipes!

I decided against the fancy, higher end versions that involve heat and bags that can only be ordered online . Frankly I don't need a big system because it's just me and really I don't freeze all that much. Well, at least that is what I tell myself because just thinking about it now...... hmmm you know.... I freeze more than I think I do.

Anyway someone had suggested a Reynolds Handy Vac system and I looked for it at the local Stop & Shop. They had the Handy Vac in stock, but not the bags. The Vac itself was ten bucks and requires batteries which annoyed me. Which annoyed enough people I guess because the Handy Vac system has now been discontinued. Oh well. That explains the no bags.

But one shelf down I found the Ziploc Vacuum Pump system for four bucks. The simple hand operated pump comes with three complimentary quart size bags to get you started and bags are also available in gallon size. If I ever get to the gallon size, I will need an intervention.

I portioned out my frozen blueberries in to the vacuum bags and then used the hand pump (no batteries!) to suck out the air. So far so good and I am pretty confident that come the first snow day, I will be enjoying blueberry pancakes!


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