The Other Shazam

Recently I found out there is another Shazam in the kitchen.

I saw her listed in the blog roll of another blog I read and for weeks I have been eying her up like someone seeing her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend at a party.

I've been circling her for weeks, not quite ready to click.

But then today I took the plunge and you know what, she is pretty frickin' cool. Dammint!

I was kind of hoping she'd have buck teeth and small boobies so to speak!

Instead she cooks with alcohol, knows complicated math, and made Fierce Cupcakes.

Arrrrrrggggghhhhh!!! Can't you just hear them saying that?

I love them.

Check out her blog. I just talk about eating, while she actually blogs about what she is cooking.


Mary said…
You are so funny and so kind!
Only people who don't really eat have small boobies. And I eat! ;) I do have bad skin and glasses if it helps!

I apologize that I didn't know you existed when I started my blog. I didn't mean to take your name!
Annabelle B. said…
Bad skin and glasses?? Me too!!

Twins separated at birth!

I am glad to know there are other Shazaams out there. At least we'll never go hungry!


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