Popcorn: Smoke it, or Eat it

I love popcorn.

Not the sh*tty microwaved crap that gives you cancer, but the DIY kind I make in a big cast iron pot with normal popcorn kernels and a little oil.

That way I get to flavor it however I want.

Sometimes I just sprinkle liberally with salt and eat it with a packet of Junior Mints (don't knock it till you try it). Other times I eat it with soup, like croutons (again with the knocking and the trying).

But usually just plain with salt. I am lucky - my cholesterol may be through the roof, but I could eat a box of Morton's salt and my blood pressure wouldn't so much as quiver.

I digress.

Tonight I made a pot and sprinkled
it with a mixture I made with the following spices: Old Bay, turmeric, ground coriander, Madras curry, and sea salt.

Which turns out to be a combination that curiously smells like marijuana.

It's the weirdest thing.

Thank goodness I am making a BIG pot of popcorn, because from the smell of it I am going to have the munchies later.


tammy said…
Hope you don't live too close to a college campus. They'll sniff you out.

Popcorn and Junior Mints go hand in hand. You can't watch a movie without them.
Mary said…
But did it work like marijuana? Are you sure you didn't add some "special" spices?

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