Vitamin D - the Wonder drug

I found out that I have a vitamin D deficiency - a big one, it's like barely there.

And my very nice (and extremely patient - no pun intended) doctor said I need to take a supplement because I am just not getting enough naturally.

So I went type-clack-clack-typetty-clack on my trusty buddy Google and low and behold a severe vitamin D deficiency has been shown to cause a general feeling of blurginess and bone aches. I am sure the scientific reports were done very scientifically and since everything on Google is true.....

... I went out and got me a bottle of vitamin D supplements.

Sadly the amount I need is not available in Fred Flintstone flavor, unless I want to eat three of them a day. Which would probably then send me to the hospital with a vitamin A overdose.

Which means I am taking the vitamin D fish oil pills.

Let me just throw out there that I've never quite believed in vitamins. I guess it's because I ate Fred Flintstone vitamins as a kid and that would have been the closest to candy we got at breakfast. And because I once ate half a jar of vitamin E pills because I liked the taste and texture of the rubbery capsule. Plus I thought my skin would clear up immediately but instead all that happened was a big poop that came out wicked easy.

But this vitamin D business - let me tell you, aside from the fact that I might possibly have the flu, I feel like a fog has cleared from my mind and I feel less blurgy.

With any luck I won't start burping up fish oil - oh my GOD I loathe, LOATHE, that taste.

Now if I can only sort out the cholesterol business as easily then I can tell Tammy to tell God to forget about that last bit, because she and God arelikethis and I am definitely not.


tammy said…
"Fred Flintstone vitamins...the closest to candy we got at breakfast" = We had the same childhood!

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