After pho - tea time at the Super 88

So after we went to Pho Hoa (see post below) we went to the Super 88.

I am in love with the tea aisle at the Super 88. And apparently it loves me back. Or it would with a strong cup of New Wei Gei Tea...

There are dozens of diet teas, extract teas (the chicken one has me a little perplexed), remedies for booze, boobs, & bowels, cures for TV/Computer, and apparently a Baywatch tea....

Then there are the *ahem* stamina teas, which of course are kept on the upper shelves.

Oh yeah, and they were also selling corn in a bag. Curious.

FYI - I think if you click on a picture you can see a larger view.


Mary said…
woo man tea looks interesting. Unfortunately my husband is a coffee drinker.
Mary said…
on second glance (and actually reading the works best for women) I now understand that it's ME who needs to drink it. Ooops.
I think I am more of a Booze Remedy drinker myself...

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