Deviled Eggs from Diemand Farm

As you may know by now I am a BIG fan of Diemand Farm out in Wendell MA. It is a family farm and for about five or seven years now I have been getting the Thanksgiving turkey from there.

The turkeys from Diemand Farm are quite literally the best turkeys I have ever tasted. I usually put my order in around the beginning of October and then Grandpa and I go out the weekend before Thanksgiving to get it - which we call Turkey Shoot Weekend.

If you want the best dang turkey ever this year, let me know. Put your order in and I will gladly pick it up for you if you don't feel like driving out to Wendell.

Anyway, for various mechanical reasons that are beyond me, my Mom asked me to put 200 miles on her car so that she could have it reinspected.

I had every intention of going to help my dear friend Moey make Sassy Sauce, but then of course one thing led to another and I ended up just going to the farm instead.

Getting there is a crap shoot. One minute you are barreling down Route 2, the next minute you are basically attempting a handbrake turn off onto a tiny side road.

And actually you probably shouldn't be barreling down Route 2 through Erving because the police there are annoyingly alert. Just FYI. Don't say I never give you anything.

The bridge will ONLY let one car on at a time. I am not kidding.

Once you cross the bridge, starting looking for these signs:

Only usually they are higher up and harder to see:

No sh*t, these are back roads. It's like Deliverance country back there. Dueling banjos and all.

But the reward is a) a trunk full of the best chickens ever, b) 4 dozen farm fresh eggs & other kitchen staples, and c) a little box of deviled eggs.

How sad is it that I can't even restrain myself from devouring them before I could get a proper picture.

Ah *sigh* well, here is what I did manage to snap before the piranha instinct kicked in again.

Sweet, sweet little nuggets of love......

And then I zigzagged my way home, cutting through Sudbury and Concord and down route 117, so that by then end of the trip, voila!:

Two hundred miles!


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