From the "Shut the F*ck UP" file....

If you know me at all, you know that sugar is my weakness. White sugar, fake sugar, brown sugar, raw sugar, burnt sugar, you name I will eat it.

So when I read that 5,000 gallons of molasses spilled in SUGAR LAND of all places, well let me just say that the ticket is booked and the spoon is packed.

I love molasses, especially in the winter, spread on hot buttered toast. But I also have zero problem eating it out of the bottle.

Seriously, this makes me almost as drooly as that one time the cheese truck caught on fiyah!


Pam said…
I love the episode of the Simpsons when the sugar truck overturns! White gold!
ShugBear said…
Hmmmm, a used to love molasses on my grandmothers hot biscuits. Remember too much molasses can be a problem -

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