Let Me Explain About the Avocado

I still don't like them. And after the whole guac-debacle last night, shudder, I think that I have satisfied any curiosity about liking them ever again.

And I am definitely NOT with child. It was gas. Same thing from what I hear though.

But I ought to explain that the weirdest thing happened to me. It used to be that I could eat avocados. I didn't feel much either way, if they were there, I ate them.

However, one morning I woke up and could not stand three things: avocados, the Rolling Stones, and the Doors. Weird huh!

I can sort of stand the Rolling Stones again, but it's a very limited set list. I can maybe listen to about one Doors song, but that's it.

And as for avocados, well, you know. Not so much.


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