A pit stop at Pho Hoa

Last night my buddy T called up and said "hey, whachoodoin let's go to the market, and get something to eat ok".

Ok! Eating and shopping - my two favorite things.

First we went to Pho Hoa on Dot Ave which to be honest I had no idea was a chain. But it is, and it's still good.

T had the grilled chicken rice plate and I had a small chicken pho.

After we placed our order we were given a pot of cold tea (which unlike cold tea in Chinatown at 2am is NOT beer) and a plate of veg for the pho.

The long leaves on the top are culantro, underneath is a stalk of basil, a pile of bean sprouts, a wedge of lime, and a green pepper. Basically you shred the culantro and the basil with your fingers, dump it in the soup with the sprouts and then squeeze in the lime. The hot soup will sort of wilt the sprouts and it tastes delicious.

Then on a little side dish I usually mix a little hoisin sauce with sriracha sauce and dip chunks of chicken in that.

Dear readers, I really tried to get a picture of the food, but I am a savage and well, all you get are the sad remains.

Seriously. I am like a piranha around food.


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