Dinner @ Nicoles with a side of extra HOT!!!!

So I was slowly sauntering home tonight from the BCAE and since I hadn't eaten anything since lunch, and it was a little after nine, I decided to stop at Nicole's for a slice and some salad.

I love their house dressing. Love, love, love it. If I could, I would marry it. I really would.)

Anyway so as I walk in I notice that there is a really ridiculously HOT guy standing in the tables & chairs area on his cellphone.

Whatever, it's the South End, hot guys abound. However, this lovely looking fella looks just like a young Steve McQueen, ie:

(image from William Claxton, and is available for purchase. If you love me as much as I love Nicole's house dressing, please will you buy me a life sized poster. Thank you.)

So as I place my order, he comes up to get his. And he notices me slavering over his, *ahem*, slices of pizza and starts chatting away.

Turns out he is a fireman at Engine 22 (700 Tremont Street if you want a looky-loo for yourself). And he is from Arkansas. And utterly charming.

Sadly it was his day off, so no uniform.

Which I suppose is a good enough reason to go burn some toast at my folks house (it's their local firehouse).


Mary said…
whew Steve McQueen is HOT. Scorching. A fireman Steve McQueen would make me swoon. You are a lucky lady.

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