Bubble T Zone. And another shameful pork event.

I wanted a pork chop at Anh Hong and got pork pieces instead, so I've been kind of sulking ever since.

TrietTriet and I went yesterday for bubble tea & breakfast in Dorchester and I FINALLY got my pork chop. Yay.

And yes, I had bubble tea and a pork chop for breakfast! Hooray for foreign cultural contributions!

Bubble T - Zone is on Dorchester Ave. It's small and really noisy when the blenders are running. But they offer free Wi-Fi AND they are cheap. $3 for a bubble tea.

On the left is the papaya and on the right is the green tea. Both were sweet and tasty.

And of course have cute little seal tops.

Then we went down the road to Sunrise for the grilled pork chop. It comes with a side of clear soup which I dunked a little of the rice into. Slurpalicious!

The chicken dish on the right is just stir-fried chicken with veg. Bland and apparently an excellent breakfast option.

I really promise that I will stop with the Vietnamese food posts. Eventually.


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