More saltines.

So as some of you know, my current job (which I 97% LOVE) pays me in peanuts and good will. Which means that occasionally I have to pick up a little extra work here and there to make all the ends tie together so that life doesn't fall apart completely.

Lately I have been doing a little freelance accounting. For those of you who really, really, know me - you can stop laughing right.... about..... now.

I might SUCK at algebra and geometry and calculus, but I am very good at accounting. In fact, I enjoy it. I finding soothing in someways. And it helps me to make a little extra money to pay for some of the finer things in life, like nice jeans and margaritas.

So my apologies at not updating Calamity Shazaam as much as I ought to. When I am in the flurry of data entry my foodie-ness dwindles to eating Saltines and drinking gallons of Irish tea with milk & sugar.

Next week. I promise!


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