Food helps

So today has been a massively sh*teous cluster-f of a day.

Mercury is in retrograde. A fun romance turned out to have been a complete sham. A bad situation at work finally blew up.

Hey, and it's only Tuesday!

Well, I don't want to complain because you know what, my life is about 98% wonderful. And made even better because today my Mom brought me dinner.

How awesome is that? Pretty terrific I tell you!

She knew I was having a dreadful day and so she went and bought me a take away dinner from Flour Bakery - pulled chicken & chorizo, fruit salad, and an oatmeal raisin cookie.

So all things considered, things are looking better already. Except for the Mercury in retrograde part. That is going to suck until mid-October.


Mary said…
Hang in there! I hope things get bette soon!!
tammy said…
Who needs them when you have the very important bean pie mystery to solve? I'll be waiting with rapt attention.

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