Office party cake

Yeah, I brought CAKE to the party yo!

What remains.... on Twitpic

The best dang chocolate cake recipe ever.

But this cake story is a funny one and if you want I will tell you privately because while it is funny, it is funny at someone else's expense and well after it IS work related...

So email me if you want to hear the rest.

(And yes, in case you were wondering, that IS 1.5 inches of frosting on top)


Pam said…
An inch and a half? I like the way you roll...
Unknown said…
1. that icing looks awesome, and that's not the pregnancy talking.

2. can i have the recipe?

3. i think that I was one of the people that you were thinking of when you said that you would share the story but couldn't....I think I need an email/call :-)

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