Under pressure.

Behold the All American Pressure Canner

I bought it from a fellow on Craigslist and all it needed was a weight which I ordered from Red Hill General Store (best price) and a swipe of oil around the lid.

To test it out, I pressure canned water. The nice lady at the manufacturer suggested that idea to check for leaks and accurate pressure. Once I figured out how not to explode a big aluminum bolt bomb of boiling hot water under pressure, I decided to try out making real food.

Vegetarian baked beans!

All the recipes I found said to process the beans at 10 pounds for 65 minutes, which I did. But I am curious if that is because every recipe added a square of salt pork. Does anyone know if the time is less for purely vegetarian beans? I am not entirely against adding salt pork, but I didn't have any on hand.

For this recipe I used Baer's Navy beans and a molasses sauce - molasses, cider vinegar, a pinch of salt, dry mustard, a shake of ginger, and some onion pulp.

Next I am going to try my hand at pickled beets. Stay tuned.

In other canning news, I've been busy. Staying busy has helped me deal with the sadness of Grandpa's passing and canning requires plenty of concentration.

Therefore the water bath has also been busy on the boil.

Pickled onions (left) Grape & Pomegranate Jelly (right)

Oh and a couple of pictures from that last batch of canning.

Green Tomato marmalade.


Green Grape Tomato Pickles.
I hope they aren't crap.


Pam said…
I love seeing all the things you're making! You're making me feel like a bad canner!!

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