Ahhhh, now THAT is my kind of cake

Truth be told, my favorite guilty pleasure cake is a supermarket cake from the "Bake Shoppe". The kind that is 100% artificial with about 7lbs of sugar in it.

It's even better the next day when the frosting develops a fine crust layer and the cake is just ever so very slightly stale-ish.

So I bet that this cake, all 400lb of glorious frosted sheet cake, would sort me out for life:

Holy crap! AND it come with real live sailors!!!!! It has to be cut with a sword!!!!!

Errrghhhhh......... Me likey! Me wanty right NOW!!!


BFW (Tammy) said…
I LOVE grocery store cake too! That does it. You and I NEED to go out and eat together. Our tastes are just too similar.

You know you has (or at least used to have) the BEST crappy b-day cake? McDonald's! I worked there for two years in high school and I my girl friend and I used to swipe the left over cakes from kid's b-day parties! I know... we're disgusting!
Mary said…
Now that I actually work in the grocery store bake shoppe, you couldn't pay me to eat grocery store cake. It's all chemicals and shortening. It is delicious though. And I'm so on board with any cake that comes with sailors!
Pam said…
Oh, THAT 400lb cake cut with a sword...

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