The Vietnamese Chicken Cure

Ok, ok I realize that I am a little phobsessed right about now, but seriously, you can't underestimate the healing powers of a steaming hot bowl of chicken pho.

The "allergies" that I am currently battling are almost gone thanks to Claritin and Vietnamese chicken broth
So far this week I have had chicken broth based soup from Anh Hong three nights. And I firmly believe it is why the "allergies" haven't gotten so much worse.

I highly recommend the wonton soup at Anh Hong. And their chicken pho is delicious too. And I will order both at the same time because even though it totally seems weird to have soup twice in a meal, they are both so crackalicious, you basically stop caring after the second slurpful.

Wonton soup from Anh Hong - the dark golden bits on top is fried garlic. YUM!!!


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