Eatin' fun times

I bought a fancy new photo card thingymajig and now I can't get my food photos off the camera.

And I am too tired to go root out the camera-to-computer cable.

But I have been eating non-stop, so here is a list to keep you entertained while I go find that frickin' stupid cable.

1. June Jam - I typically will not take anything a defense attorney tries to give me because usually it involves work and something protracted and difficult. However, there is one who I like very much and her name is June and I know she is reading this blog and when she gives me something protracted and difficult, she makes up for it with jam. June and I talk about food - what we eat, what we make, the how's and the why's. So when she made jam, I gave her a couple of starter pointers and she in return gave me a jar of both her strawberry jam, and of her apricot jam. Both of which were gone almost immediately. The strawberry jam I ate on toast for three days straight and the apricot jam, which I got today, half the jar was gone within minutes. When my co-worker asked me if June had really given me a half-eaten jar of jam, I had to sheepishly explain that I was the one who'd eaten it. Whoops!

2. French fry & ketchup sandwich - yes, this is what I had for lunch today. Don't worry I canceled the point value out by having a Diet Coke with it. When I called Ugi's to order french fries and toast, the kid was like "french fries and toast? that's it? really?" I was like "don't judge me home slice!"

3. Five ears of corn on the cob - this is what I had for dinner tonight. I bought fresh corn and I had to use it or lose it. So I had it for dinner - slathered with butte and rolled in Old Bay, curry, chili, and garlic. It was delicious! I ate it over the sink and played my music a little loud. It was great. My chin is still shiny from the butter.

4. Stonyfield Minty-Chocolate Chip Frozen Yogurt - quite possibly the best pretend ice cream out there. I can't write anything more about this stuff because then I am going to want it and there is a pint of it in my freezer and I don't want to finish this post and then have to go finish the pint. Y'know?

5. Fried baloney sandwiches - this weekend I was at the NASCAR race in New Hampshire and I was intrigued by these sandwiches. They were $6 which was out of my price range for a fried baloney sandwich, but I sort of wanted one anyway. Although just typing that made my heart cramp a little. And you know what else? I have a doctor's appointment next week and while my doctor is the best, she is sneaky. She will smile and tell me I am awesome, but then she will make me get a cholesterol test right then and there instead of letting me have, oh I dunno, three months to prepare with oat bran. Note to self: no more french fry sandwiches. Right. But I am still thinking about that fried baloney sandwich.

6. Saddest food story this weekend - was again at the New Hampshire Speedway. I watched as a kid was following his mom up the steps and she looked totally aggravated and the kid was carrying a plate of fried dough and he was trying to keep up and he tripped a bit on the tread and the fried dough flopped onto the ground. I could see that he was contemplating using the five second rule, but you could tell that when he looked up at the faces around him looking at him he was sort of intimidated. And his mom was like "oh well, too bad, so sad" and kept going. He seemed so bummed out. In my whole entire life I have never wanted to buy someone fried dough as badly as I wanted to right then. Every single person knows what it is like to have a special food treat flop to the ground. It is a crushing disappointment. And everyone around me felt it too.

7. Five dollar appetizers at Rocca in the South End - as soon as I can figure out the photo thing, I am going to post about that visit. But in the meantime, GO. Go immediately for this deal. It is delicious. At five pm they have a five dollar appetizer menu. Also go for the drink made with blueberry vodka from Maine - so delicious, you won't even care it hasn't been properly sunny for 42 days.

8. Cold River Blueberry Vodka - holy crap this stuff is delicious! I love blueberries as it is, but this is a marvelous vodka, it smells like a blueberry and tastes like a blueberry and is really easy to drink. Hooray for Maine and hooray for vodka+blueberry! If you see it, buy it. You won't regret it, well, you won't regret it in moderation anyway.

And that is what I got. I was going to try for ten, but you know what? A list of ten is a cliche.

(well if I had to put a number 9 it would be that I am already excited about Three Sisters Marshmallow Oaties for breakfast tomorrow.... but you know, now I am getting ahead of myself.)


gillis said…
isn't three sisters cereal great? i'm partial to the cinnamon sweets, but the marshmallow oaties look good too.

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