Quiet weekend.

Well Friday night I stayed in, which for me personally is something I enjoy. I can watch all the crap tv my little brain can handle, eat popcorn and chocolate chips for dinner, and drink a 2-liter of soda straight from the bottle without worrying that the caffeine will keep me up. Ahhh yeah!

Which was just as well because then on Saturday I pulled my kitchen apart. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip.


I did not mean to go as far as I did. There is sh*t EVERYWHERE. But my original theory was that I was going to reorganize everything, and get rid of the stuff that doesn't fit back.

Which is a totally bogus original theory, in case you were wondering.

For example, the reason I keep all my plastic lunch containers in the lazy susan thingy is because they don't quite fit in their new storage spot in the sideboard. Which is a major bummer because now they are all sitting in a storage box because I can't put them back in the lazy susan thingy due to the fact that now that is where I am storing food things - all the food things that used to be stored in the hall pantry. And the reason I keep the food in the hall "pantry" is because it won't all fit on the shelves in the kitchen. All I can say is thankfully tomorrow is Monday and I can go to work instead of dealing with this mess.

*sigh* Are you still with me?

So now I am thinning out the junk I keep. Like the jar of preserved/pickled lemons. I bought them one day because I had this vague idea that I would make some sort of Moroccan chicken and lentil dish with them. Never happened. And then there are the 37 different boxes of tea. I will never drink all that tea, but for some reason when I am in the store I am totally convinced that I am, in fact, a tea drinker. An herbal tea drinker. Well, the reality is that I am a one kind of a tea drinker and that is of Irish tea. With milk and sugar.

There isn't one clear surface in my kitchen right now. I have a massive headache just thinking about it. And instead of spending all day Sunday cleaning it, I spent all day Sunday working a yard sale where I also sold some of my stuff, making a cool $50.

Which ridiculously I want to spend on more stuff for the kitchen.

Like tea. Or something.


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