Rhubarbiola - have you heard of it?

I doubt it. I just made it up. It is how I am now referring to my love of rhubarb that has now become a fever: rhubarbiola.

It can only be cured by eating rhubarb until it is out of season. Or until your teeth fall out from the ill effects of oxalic acid.

Anyway, as I mentioned, I brought back an armful of rhubarb from Vermont this weekend. I have had every intention of making rhubarb & strawberry tarts and rhubarb & strawberry jam, but the reality is that I have been making plain old rhubarb & strawberry cooked in a little sugar and vanilla and then eating it directly from the pan.

Ahhhh, rhubarbiola!

But today is THE day I make jam. Dammit!

And first I had lunch with the Evil Twin because she is hands downs my most favorite person to spend time with ever in the world. Woot!

Pictures and other stuff will be posted later.


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