Vermont for the weekend

And all I can think about is if I will find rhubarb for sale somewhere on the road....

It's a sickness I tell you.

Anyway, yes, so my family is selling the old homestead. Only the buyer can only take the land so the house is available.

Can't you just picture yourself living in this house? Making jam and drying stuff in the attic loft? Yeah, I totally can. Which is hard because I am going up there this weekend and I know that all I am going to want to do is figure out a way to move the house somewhere so that I can give up this city living and go live in the Little House in the Big Woods. This has been my dream since I could read.


I bet you didn't know that about me huh.

Anyway, so I am going to go and I SWARE I will sort out the kitchen when I get back. Sware.


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