Encore pasta!

Yeah, yeah, the kitchen is STILL a f*cking massive sh*tshow.

Oh well. It's Wednesday. The most effective way to deal with a tipped over kitchen is to ignore it as much as possible.

And eat lots of pasta.

Pasta requires one pan, and maybe a strainer, if that.

I pretty much made the exact same recipe as the other night. A chopped head of garlic (yes, an entire head), some tomato paste, basil, bucatini, oh and this time I added a giant spoonful of chili & garlic sauce.

Because I wanted to light my mouth UP!

Although to be honest, I didn't feel the heat too much because I had already scalded my mouth with the rhubarb-strawberry compote I made for dessert. As per usual I could not wait to eat the rhubarb. Oh and thanks to the oxalic acid in the r'barb I cannot feel my teeth either.

You know, all things considered, as to what I eat, it sometimes is a marvel to me that I am still alive.


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