Pretty soon I will be eating cake out of the trash*

I ate half a cold leftover bacon cheeseburger. I did not even warm it up, or even take it out of the plastic takeaway container. I ate it at the tiny bit of counter that is clear, dipping it every other bite into ketchup.

This is the same hamburger that sat outside for, oh, a good few hours yesterday afternoon. Really this is just a test of the emergency expulsion system - I will either be seriously ill later, or I won't.

But I am totally unrepentant because it was f*cking delicious. So there.

Oh and a side, unrelated note, if I listen to anymore Iron & Wine I am going to vomit up an entire Robert Pattinson. True story. Ok, well maybe just that one song.

*The above headline is a reference to a very funny scene from Sex in the City when Miranda uses cake as a substitute for sex.


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