Gobble Gobble

Great googly-moogly! I am a bad, bad, blogger! Bad!

Eh, oh well. Sometimes being bad feels pretty good.... I digress.

It is almost turkey bird eating time, although from the displays that having been popping up all over town like union stickers you'd think retailers had forsaken Thanksgiving as the insensitive white man's holiday that, kind of, it is. I suspect however that the more likely scenario is that Thanksgiving doesn't rake in the dough quite like Christmas and its attendant pressie-giving pressures.

Personally I cannot handle Christmas displays before Thanksgiving. It's like having a martini with dinner, not before. Somethings just have to be savored in their appropriate sequence. I cannot get into my visions of sugarplums until I have first blasted at a turkey with ye olde blunderbuss.

As is often the case, someone else has put this conundrum into words better than I ever could - Jim at Suldog has written about this for a few years now (I think... last year for sure anyway) and you can read what he says about it here: Thanksgiving Comes First

I have already ordered my big tasty bird from the fabulous Diemand Farm in Wendell, MA and I resolutely refuse to entertain any Christmassy notions until at least November 27th. 

As they used to say in ye olde days of yore: 

Thanks for the country! 
Sorry about the smallpox!


Suldog said…
Thanks for the bloggy support. Much appreciated!

(BTW, my word verification is OVENSIT. I'm not quite sure what that means, but it somehow seems appropriate.)

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