Happy Birthday GPP!!

My dear old Grand-Pa-Pa passed away around this time last year and today would have been his 95th....., no, 96th birthday.

I think.

I am really bad at math and also at remembering dates.

He really wanted to live to see 100. I am not sure why exactly 100 was his goal, but I suppose after 85 your goals start to change. Yep, so 100 - he bought the book and everything. He was on track!

But then last spring and summer he had some health issues and the first thing to go was the 5pm martini. Bad move Gramps. I think that the alcohol was keeping him in a state of pickle. Take away the preservative and *phhhft!* he just shriveled up like a Wicked Witch in a rainstorm.

All joking aside, for all his faults and fabulousnesses I miss the old gizzard tremendously. He was a pretty alright guy and I plan to have a VERY large martini in his honor today.

Who is with me?

Me & Grandpa
a long time ago in a land far, far away...


Lynn F. said…
that is a really adorable pic of you and your grand-pa-pa. i hope that you raised a glass in his honor :-)

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