Oh yeah, I scored BIG!

Sometimes you just have to brag about a particularly fantastic find.  Unfortunately for me, no one in my immediate circle shares in my total thrillation with this particular item, so I am taking it to the masses.

Looky what I found!!:


Hmmm, doesn't seem so exciting huh! But what if I told you I got it for a twenty. Brand new, twenty bucks. 

Oh yeaaahhhhh!

Usually these pans can run between $50 and $100 so finding one (new! in box!) was fricking thrilling I tell you.

No more scorched caramelly jam for me thanks. 


Cara dB said…
I am fucking jealous!
Rebecca said…
Oh my goodness! What a killer find. Dammit... I'm craving homemade raspberry jam right now, too...

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