Shazaamrag: What REALLY makes me bats

Ok you know what, I can live with the folks who pay for the $10 truffled fries, and the $15 aperitif, and the Uggs, and the Longchamp bags, and the pale pink manicures because sometimes that is me, sad but true.

But what I cannot handle are the ladies who wear Hunter wellington boots. I have never ever wanted to smack someone so silly for conspicuous consumption so badly in my life as I do when I see a woman sporting a pair of Hunters.

If you don't know about Hunters, let me tell you that they are very expensive rubber boots.

A pair of green wellies with the Hunter tag will set you back about $100 unless they are knock offs. And just so that everyone knows that you are wearing Hunters you have to wear them with your pants tucked in just so or you have to wear a skirt. But to look reasonably ok with tucked in pants, you have to make sure they are form fitting and frankly who wants to wear a skirt on a day you have to wear wellies?

These are the kind of boot that tall, blonde, actresses/models wear to music festivals in England. Along with Barbour coats and Range Rovers, Hunters only serve to tell the world that the wearer is NOT a tall blonde actress or model but rather someone who spent a hundred smackaroos on rubber boots.


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