Kitchen antics

Other than popcorn, which I make REALLY well, I haven't cooked for myself much lately. This is mostly due to the fact that I am crawling through the slowest renovation in history.

I get home and change into my joint compound crusted jeans and work for a few hours each night and most weekends. The last thing I want to do is cook. Let's just say that after popcorn, crackers are the second staple of my current diet.

The other thing is that at some point the kitchen will also be renovated so I've got all my pots and pans in boxes and anyway the place is in no state to entertain.

On the nights I literally cannot do anything construction related, I do something fun. Like painting the kitchen chairs bright red (not so fun in the end) and the kitchen table a calming blue (yay the color came out better than I thought!).  This set came from a house my parents had when I was little. I remember that my Meme came from France and brought an orange oil cloth to cover it. On the underside of the table there is still some writing my sister and I put up. Some folks can't abide by painting wood, or keeping it original condition, but in this case the paint was discolored and sticky, so I just did what I wanted.

The chairs were a major pain in the bum to sand, prime, paint, and poly. I cussed pretty much through the entire process. The table was easier. MUCH easier. And I appreciate that blue and red isn't everyone's cuppa tea, but tough titties, I happen to love it.

So here you go, table and chairs.

Once I poly it I will post a better picture. Man, my house is a mess. Oh well.


Mary said…
I think it looks outstanding!

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