Vacation Day Breakfast with Sister

It is a fact that whenever I have a day off and the Evil Twin and I get in a car together, we somehow end up driving around for f*cking hours and hours just messing about.

It is hysterical.

Today we started off planning to go to Friendly Toast in Cambridge, then ended up going to Sorella's in JP because we sort of thought we'd go visit Grandpapa in rehab. Yeah, I have a Grandpapa in rehab. Woot!

But then the food at Sorella's took f-o-r-e-v-e-r to come out and by the time we were done we had to run off to an appointment (the Evil Twin works for herself and her vacation requests are always denied. Bitch boss right?) and then off again to another appointment. After which we stopped at the area big box so I could get some canning jars (rhubarb!!) and some jar lifters. The Evil Twin bought some yarn and a cap organizer.

Oh and then we had to run back into town to drop some papers off at my Grandpapa's apartment.

By that point I was like oh holy crap, get me the hells outta this car before I vomit so I got dropped off. And the Evil Twin took off because she had a couple more appointments.

Ohhhhh yeah right, this was meant to be about the food at Sorella's. Let me tell you, that place is lucky the food is delicious because it was freezing cold due to the door being left open, and I kept getting a whiff of dirty. You know how when the tables get wiped off with a too-dirty dishrag? Yeah, dirty like that. And then it took waaaaay too long to get our food anyway. People who came in much later than we did got their orders long before us, and then my food came out before the Evil Twin's did. Boo hiss..

(boo hoo, no food)

However, it was seriously delicious and worth every cranky moment.

I got Mexican polenta and the ET got the homemade polenta

Homemade polenta with marinara & mozzerella.
Broccoli & home fries.

Spicy Mexican polenta with vegetarian chili & home fries.
Oh and melted cheese under there. YUM!


Devilham said…
where do you get canning jars/equipment? That's something I am kind of interested in trying.
Unknown said…
Funny pics cuz where in the heck is the polenta under all them beans!!
Annabelle B. said…
Devilham: Usually places like Dots have canning kits. I think that the kits are pretty useful because you get everything all at once. I have been trying to find a rack separately from the kit and I have had no luck, so I have had to improvise.

Alex: Not only is the bean slop covering the polenta but there is a piece of CHEESE under there too!!And how awesome was it to have breakfast with Superman?! Pretty awesome!

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