Cluck Cluck!

This weekend I made the roast chicken from Simon Hopkinson's book Roast Chicken and Other Recipes.

I picked this book up during my annual schlep to the New England Mobile Book Fair and while at first I liked it mostly for the lovely pages (ooh shiny paper! ooh pretty illustrations!) I have to confess that I cooked NOTHING out of it until now.


The roast chicken was fantastic. And not just because it came from Diemand Farm. Slathering the birdy with lots of butter, a squeeze of lemon, and a smashed garlic clove is so simple that it almost seems TOO simple to be so delicious, but it really was the best roast chicken I've had in a very long time.

Now I am thinking to try my hand at the chicken cooked in vinegar recipe.

It's interesting to me how I just have to cook one recipe from a book to know whether or not I will ever use it again.

Photos later. Maybe.


curlywurlyfi said…
I love this book. The chocolate tart is particularly good, + the lamb studded with anchovies/garlic/rosemary. O, + the crepes with parma ham + asparagus + hollandaise... You get the idea. So glad you started using it!

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