Apricot Butter

So a couple of weekends ago there was a recipe in the New York Times magazine for apricot butter. I love apricots. But like the article mentions, apricots are a hard fruit to get right.

I really love them and I am always seduced by their lovely peachy pink blush color, sweet honeyed weight, and seductive scent.

But then about 9 times out of 9.5 times you bite into one and it is a major huge disappointment. Either totally mealy and dry, or pasty and mooshy and either way, completely tasteless. I hate them. And then there is that .5 of a time when you hit the apricot lottery and forget every bad one you had to eat to get to that one.

The article promised a distilled apricot tasting spread and I have been dreaming about it ever since. Today I happened to walk by Haymarket and lo and behold - 4lbs of apricots for $3.

And now I have three jars of sweet, sweet, apricot lovin' in the fridge. I hope I don't sleepwalk and eat it all in the night.


Mary said…
My grandpa had an apicot tree and I have to say you're totally spot on about the ratio of bad apricots to good ones. And nothing is better than a good apricot. And I'm just going to have to make that apricot butter now.
Pam said…
That sounds like crack! Definitely have to give it a try...

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