Ahhh eggplant, my old friend. *gasp*wheeze*wheeze*

I am not entirely positive why I love eggplant so much. It has a weird texture at best, and I think that I might be allergic to it. But for some reason there is something about an eggplant that draws me to it. Oh and I only eat eggplant I cook myself, I never order it in a restaurant. I don't know why that is though. Usually because eggplant out means eggplant parm, and I am 'eh' about eggplant parm.

When I eat an eggplant my mouth starts to itch and I get a little wheezy. Oh yeah, and the first few bites seem to want to come right back up again. But really it's just more of a discomfort than a trip to the ER.

Like right now for example. I am making eggplant chips - eggplant rounds brushed with a weirdish vinaigrette (my own weird invention, don't ask - it involves paprika and chili and curry) and roasted under the broiler until golden, or blackened depending on my attention span.

It's hard not to eat them the minute I take them out from under the grill. As a result, my top lip is sort of puffy (just a little tiny bit) and my mouth is definitely itchy.

But I think I am going to chop up the rounds a little and toss them with a little fresh linguine with some basil and a little toasted garlic.

I have a whole bag of fresh produce that my dad brought me back from Gove Farm and am so excited to have a little fresh veg this week.


Pam said…
Yes, that's definitely an allergy. I love roasting eggplant slices... add a little cheese, and it gets even better!

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