I need YOU !

I am looking for a couple of people to send my lovely & wonderful elderly neighbor a get well card.

She took a header down some stairs this weekend - smashed her shoulder, gashed her head bad enough for stitches.

Anyway, she called me the other night to tell me and in conversation she mentioned how awfully lonely she's been. The fall scared her and reminded her that she's all alone.

It broke my pea-sized heart. :(

She was married for FIFTY years to Mr. T and he died last year. It's been a tough time for her. And she is so upbeat and cheerful and sweet, even when life hammers her on the head.

So.... if you think of it, please send her a card, or a post card even - AND you can totally send it anonymously because she just needs a little something, anything. Anything to cheer her up a teeny tiny bit so she doesn't feel so alone in the universe.

Email me for her address. And rest assured that if you send her a note of any kind, I will love you forevah!


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