More eating in Maine

To my complete shame I had NO problem starting out again on the food safari through Maine this morning.

The Evil Twin and I took the Nutty Professor out for breakfast as thanks for putting us up and so we went to the Chin Dine-ah in China, ME. Totally worth the wait and an excellent way to start the food safari.

I had the homemade baked beans and wild Maine blueberry pancakes.

It looks like the Evil Twin had two eggs over hard with wheat toast, apparently with a side of a piece of kale and a wedge of orange. BORING!

The Nutty Professor had the Monte Cristo, which is french toast stuffed with cheese and bacon and turkey, topped with butter, and a side of home fries. That cramping feeling is my heart seizing up. Possibly I need more butter.

Aaaaaaaaand we're ALL members of the clean plate club. No shame in that. Right?



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