More sick person food

Because a girl can't live on Saltines alone, no matter how hard she tries!

I am sick. I think I had food poisoning on Friday because I woke up at 4am with awful stomach cramps, and well the rest is too gross for blogging.

I felt a bit better Saturday, but stayed in all day Sunday. But then Monday in the office everyone is a little bit sick. And a little bit sick adds up to one giant sickness.

Everyone seems to have a little sniffle, a wheeze, and a cough. Last night I couldn't sleep because I took too much cold medicine. And today I have the stomach thing again.

I know that I am sick when I can count everything I ate in a day on one hand. I came home after work today and immediately fell into bed for a four hour nap.

Then I got up and steamed a head of cauliflower with some garlic in chicken broth until it was very soft and then pureed it.

It was delicious and hot and hopefully killed the thing in the back of my throat that is itching like crazy and which is the reason I haven't been able to swallow anything thicker than a puree.

Now I am going back to my bed.

I am sick of being sick already. I think tomorrow I am going to be all better.


Pam said…
Then it's good you didn't try to go out. Feel better!

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