Maine: The main food event.

Ok so the Evil Twin has this friend from college who happens to come from the nicest family outside of my own and last night the Nicest Family in Maine invited us to have dinner with them.

Let me just say this. I WILL NEVER EVER SAY NO to an invitation to their house for dinner.

I would have taken photos but my hands were full the minute I walked in the door.

The menu:

- All we could eat lobsters fresh from the Maine ocean that day. I don't even like lobster. In fact I eat it once a year at Hessfest and even then I only eat the legs. The little legs. But last night I ate two. I completely embarrassed myself. It was like that scene from Splash where she eats the lobster - shell and all.

- Melted butter - plenty of it and a dish of it for EACH person! Did you know that clarified butter helps all your parts move better? I swear I read that somewhere. Probably in a medical journal. At a doctors office. No, really. I am pretty sure butter is actually really good for you.

- Grilled steak that was almost as good as my Mom's and MILES better than anything in a restaurant. It was perfectly cooked, and fork tender. Yep, I ate a steak after eating two lobsters! I am an eating CHAMPION.

- Salmon, which, blech fish, I don't eat. My sister says it was very good.

- Bread. Buttered. See the second bullet point.

- Baked potatoes. I love, love, LOVE potatoes. Frankly, they are the most perfect food. Did I mention I love potatoes? I really do. Ohh with butter. Again, see the second bullet point.

- Grilled asparagus which were delicious.

- A massive baby spinach, goat cheese, almond slivers, and other stuff salad. So tasty. And probably a little necessary too.

- Finally because it was Kickball Kelly's birthday there was a ginormous ice cream cake. And we all got slices as big as the Evil Twin's head.

So now that you are reading this and in a food coma, let me also just tell you that I drank plenty of wine and then at the end of the meal we had maple whiskey.

Are you wondering how I didn't pop? Yeah me too. Oh but after dinner we all went down to watch Kickball Kelly and the Nutty Professor have a go at Wii Boxing.

Hysterical. And in case I forgetexactly how hysterical, we took some video.

I think that since the entire night was pretty much spent laughing my head off, it counterbalanced some of the food I stuffed into my piehole.

Probably I should go to the gym all day tomorrow, but really I might just head back to Maine.


tammy said…
Wow. And wow again. But, um, tell me more about this maple whiskey.

P.S. Thanks for your earlier liquor links. I'm trying to hold things together at the expense of returning e-mails.

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