Margarita Tuesday

Last night I went out with BFW Tammy and Cave Pam to have a margarita and to try out the cheapo tapas at Masa in the South End. But mostly to hang out with two marvelous women who make me laugh a lot.

I have to say that all day long I waited very patiently for that margarita. And that furthermore I am a lightweight these days when it comes to alcohol. I used to be a contendah, but nowadays one strong beverage and I get a bit doughy at the edges.

PUH-thetic really.

But every now and then I really, really, really lust after a nice frosty drink. I wanted ice and mixer and plenty of alcohol and a fuzzy feeling when I finished. It's just something I needed. This time it was lust for a tangy margarita. And plus for some bizarre reason tequila makes me jolly. A jolly green tequila drinker! Huzzah!

So I got a margarita. I didn't even wait for the other two to show up before ordering my drink!

Thankfully I was sitting just below the handy-dandy drinks menu.

Ahhhh behold the Classic Margarita!

This drink pretty much hit the spot. My only reservation is that I sort of wish that it had been served in one of those big round margarita glasses, the sort I can fit my face into.

Then we ordered the tapas. Tapas at Masa are really more like little bites rather than little plates. The tapas order of mussel is literally just that: A single mussel. Just one. Which frankly I think is weird. You could sit at the bar and order one mussel for one dollar, which is silly.

So of course they offer the option of ordering all ten tapas for $5. Which we did.

In clockwork order, as best as I can remember:

1. A hot cherry pepper stuffed with seafood, gorgonzola, and something else. The flavor combination was peculiar tasting, and it was oddly super spicy, but that cold jarred spicy, not a warm heat at all.

2. Salmon tartar on a veggie chip of some sort with salmon cream cheese. It was way too fishy for me, seeing as how I mostly don't like fish. I ate it but can't tell you if it was good or not.

3. Tamarind & onion relish on a sweet potato chip. That was delicious. I probably could have had any entire plate of just that.

4. The Mussel. Ah hahahaha! I think it is hilarious that a kitchen can serve ONE mussel and call it a tapas, with a straight face! The mussel was good - smoked I think - but the chopped green stuff on top was a little too spicy for just one mussel. Too much on an already overburdened little mussel.

5. Tuna ceviche. Blech, fish, passed in on to BFW Tammy. Go and see what she thought of it.

6. Crispy fried shrimp. Good I think. Actually, I don't remember eating them...

7. I cannot remember that one either. Shredded pork maybe?

8. A bit of chorizo with cranberry sauce. Very good for a sausage chip. I could have eaten another 10 of them too.

9. A pork empanada I think.

10. Hmmmmmm a spring roll? Maybe with shredded chicken in it. I might be confused with number 7.

So that was that. Oh and also somewhere in there I had a Pomegranate Rum 'Rita. Which was very delicious but not the right drink for the tapas menu. I should have stuck with the Classic Margarita.

We ate up everything in front of us, drank down the dregs of the drink, and then headed down the road to Picco for dessert.

Of course I had the affogato. I can't help myself. I really cannot.

Caramel chip with hot fudge and an espresso on top. Frickin' DELICIOUS!

Sadly that photo looks a picture of.... well.... you know....

I wish I could eat like that every night.


Pam said…
I love the numbers in the pic - so handy! 7 was shredded pork, 9 was a cheese empanada, and 10 was indeed shredded chicken (taquito, though, not spring roll - semantics, really).

And you're right, I wish I could eat like that every night too!
Annabelle B. said…
I will say that at some point everything sort of started tasting kind of the spicy same. You and BFWTammy have way better palates for spicy than me!

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