I hate that I love Russo's so much

Dagnabbit all. Seriously, if you haven't been to Russo's you don't have any idea of the kind of hate/love I am talking about.

Every time I plan a trip out there I dread it. It's always a parking frenzy and jammers once you finally get in there. The aisles are just a tiny bit too narrow to navigate and the mean old ladies who shop there are spiteful of anyone under 80 and ram their carts straight into your backside whenever possible.

And of course you can't ram them back because, well, they are olllllllllllllld.


I am ALWAYS looking for a reason to not go there.

But the fact that I can buy twice the amount of stuff for the same price as I would spend at Whole Foods means that I can't quite do it.

I have had the best luck with all the produce I've ever bought, the fresh pasta make me happy, and they carry enough local stuff to keep me happy. And face it, the lines are always long, but they do move fast.

However today I almost had my chance to break away. Almost.

Russo's is in Watertown. I live in Boston. The drive out there is annoying. When I got home today I realized I had been charged twice for some cheese, and twice for a bunch of scallions.

Totally annoying. The cheese was $5.45, enough to be annoying. I was not in the mood to schlep back out there, but what was I expecting them to do? Send it via carrier pigeon? Yes, I sort of was.

So I called them up, fully expecting to have them tell me that I was S.O.L. , instead I spoke to Karen and she kindly gave me instructions as to how to get a refund the next time I was in.

Like I might have mentioned before: Dagnabbit all.


Pam said…
I was there today too! I bought a Buddha's hand, but I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with it yet...

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