What's with the surliness?

Twice this week I've had pretty surly service at places I thought would be least likely to have cranky pants waitstaff.

The first was at Tremont 647 where the waiter was either annoyed that we were friendly with the owner, or perhaps just didn't like the looks of us.

The second was today at the Beehive where the waitress was annoyed with us, or just annoyed in general to have to be at work.

I just don't get that at all. I am not likely now to go back to either place as a first choice. No place is that good that I would brave an aggravated waitperson for the food alone. And I am like the easiest patron ever - easy going and good tipper. If you forget to put in my order, or drop a drink on my lap, I am pretty unlikely to cause a scene because I have faith that it was unintentional and can be sorted out. Both these things, and worse, have happened so I know what my reaction would be.

But the one deal breaker for me is someone who hates their job that day for whatever reason. Don't take it out on me. If you don't like people, don't wait on them. It's unfair to the customer and to the owner of the restaurant.

And not to just complain about sh*tty waitstaff, let me say that the waitstaff at Cafe Marliave have been great every time I've been, and the folks at every Vietnamese place have been great, and I can't complain about the staff at the Ashmont Grill, nor about the hundreds of other folks who've patiently and kindly waited on me over the years.

It's just that this kind of surliness seems like such a standout in a sea of professionalism.


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